Command DDB (DeDynamicBlock) solidfys dynamic block in the drawing to static block, and removes all other dynamic states in blocks. Powerful dynamic block makes you design quickly and effectively, and help you in competition. Dynamic Blocks maybe your intelligent copyright. Output them from your company may reduce your competitive force. This tool will help you keep your advantage by convert all dynamic block in the drawing to be ordinary static block and and removes all other dynamic states in blocks. After that, delivering your electronic drawing files is safe now.

Download: DeDynamicBlock_For_AutoCAD2004-2014_E_V100.exe


Draw Non-deletable watermark in AutoCAD, and the watermark can be dispalyed without ObjectArx loaded, and will never be deleted.
Any lines, arcs, circles, texts, polylines and inserts can be used to make non-deletable watermark. It can automaticlly filled in rectangle area with defined rows and columns.
The size and color of watermarks can be defined too. Default values are predefined for easy using.
You can use above entities to make any logo. If you want other type entities other than line, arc,circle,text,polyline, you can make a inserted block with any type entities. Lines, arcs, circles, texts, polylines for watermarks will be automatically changed to the color you defined ,default color is dark grey. Entities in inserted block for watermarks remain their old color, so any colors can be used as watermark.

Download: Non-deletableWaterMark_For_AutoCAD2004-2014_E_V100.exe

Super Explode

XXplode, Super explode: Explode all blocks, xrefs, dimensions, mlines, hatchs, some entities defined by other objectArx, convert attribs to texts.

Download: XXplode_For_AutoCAD2004-2014_E_V100.exe

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